dealers, merchants, & wholesalers

Helping You Make Better Business Decisions

Consumer driven industries are under extreme pressure.  Lack of liquidity and an overall reduction in consumer spending are driving an increasing number of dealers, merchants and wholesalers into distress.  Economic turmoil creates new marketplace realities, and retailers and wholesalers must address them at an almost alarming speed. Companies that are agile and quick to respond are staying ahead of the competition.

If you are uncertain about the agility of your organization, then it may be time to explore new options for your accounting and business needs.  At SF&Company, we understand what it takes to keep up with the constant changes affecting this marketplace. In this volatile industry segment, success requires quick, effectively implemented decisions, accurate forecasting of trends and the guidance of an agile business advisor.


SF&Company’s experienced advisors will help you remain focused on your long-term goals while implementing new ways to create value and control costs through services tailored to your specific situation: 

  • LIFO Inventory Conversions
  • Management Consulting:
         - Benchmarking Analysis
         - Operational Reviews
         - Strategic and Profitability Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Practice Group Leaders:

Abby Myer, CPA, Shareholder – Dealers
David Phillips, CPA, Shareholder – Merchants & Wholesalers