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All CPA firms are not the same – We go beyond the numbers.


There is a significant difference in accounting firms, and it is not necessarily their size, technical ability or years of experience.  The difference is in their approach.


In our client relationships – relationships built on leveraging the assets of the entire team – SF&Company professionals are always seeing new business strategies and innovative solutions to improve a client’s existing operations. 


All too often, accounting firms will perform the traditional “number crunching” services solely to satisfy financial statement and tax reporting requirements.  At SF&Company, CPAs and Business Advisors, we feel that meeting the minimum reporting requirements should not be considered the end of our service, but rather the beginning.  Our job is to do more than accurately prepare financial statements and taxes.  As accountants, we use our experience and expertise to help clients utilize the financial resources they have to take their organizations where they want to go.  We provide our clients with the information and insights they need, whether it’s to grow their business, plan for the future, or to ensure financial stability for future generations of their family.


As business advisors, we help SF&Company clients develop a path to their goals and dreams by looking at issues from their perspective.  Truly comprehending what a client wants to achieve is the critical first step in that process.  The SF&Company approach has been to take a proactive stance.  Rather than just respond to client requests, we inform clients of possible changes, analyze the implications of different options, and help them to use their financial resources to fulfill their personal and professional goals.  Yes, we minimize tax burdens. 

That is what all accountants hope to do – but we also give clients the information, insight, and advice they need to thrive.


Have you outgrown your accountant?


John J. Cardello
Firm Managing Shareholder